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Grinding Mill

Psted On 2018-02-06 14:26:44
Grinding Mill

Vertical Grinding Mill Main Bearing Bush

During the operation of the Vertical Grinding Mill, the friction between the hollow shaft journal and the main bearing spherical shell is unavoidable to produce friction, wear and heat, and consume a part of power, that is, the friction power consumption. In order to reduce friction power consumption, reduce wear speed, ease impact and control the temperature of the spherical shell, we must ensure that the main bearing has good lubrication so as to improve the working efficiency and service life of the Vertical Grinding Mill.

In some cement factories, the main bearing of the Vertical Grinding Mill is a major accident due to the impurity entering into the body or poor lubrication. It even causes hollow shaft neck wear. Once the main bearing of the Vertical Grinding Mill is burned, it will take more than ten hours or even days to repair it, which will affect production and cause economic loss. In order to solve the lubrication and management problems of the main bearings of the Vertical Grinding Mill, people have been looking for manufacturing and installation technology, sealing methods and lubrication measures to ensure the normal operation of the main bearings.

The key to ensure the production quality is to make the correct casting, machining and scraping quality of the main bearing bush of the Vertical Grinding Mill. The specific production techniques are as follows:

  • 1, Before casting the bearing bush, the bearing bush should be fully preheated so as to completely evaporate the water of the tile body, especially when the old tile is re-cast, so as to prevent the residual cooling water in the cavity of the bearing bush) Alloy "fryer" wounding.
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  • 2, fully preheated, use the electric wire wheel to remove the oxide film on the tile surface clean and high technical requirements, but also in the tile surface hanging tin), in order to ensure tile lining and cast iron tile surface firmly bonded to avoid shelling.
  • 3, After the cast bearing is finished, there should be hydrostatic test after checking the bearing without cracks and blisters, and if yes, it must be welded and repaired until there is no leakage point. Otherwise, in the process of using, bearing cooling water will leak to the Vertical Grinding Mill main bearing oil, so that the deterioration of oil, affecting the normal operation of the bearing.
  • 4, with vertical car bearing blank, it is necessary to strictly control the amount of feed and table speed, to prevent excessive cutting heat, so that the surface of blue or even yellow, resulting in local hardening of the tile surface.
  • 5, bearing a good tank, should be in the corresponding hollow shaft journals this point is very important, because the bearing and hollow shaft is one-to-one matching) coated with oil and good red powder, and the buckle in the hollow bearing Grinding shaft journals, according to the distribution of the contact point to carry out the necessary scraping research, until the tile contact surface in the tile near the centerline and the contact point is evenly distributed, can not appear Watts clamp, bottom contact and oblique diagonal contact and so on .
  • 6, the hollow shaft and the gap between the bearing in the technical requirements within the scope of the scratch is the basic guarantee quality assurance. The contact angle of the relevant parameters bearing bush is generally 700, 02.2mx6.5m ball Grinding Mill hollow shaft journal diameter D is 900mm, watts mouth opening angle is 1200) into the fractional 120/70 = 7rD2 / X, contact arc length can be calculated X = 824.25mm; Then X = 824.25mm generation fraction L = 'irD-2X) / 4 can be calculated gap arc length L = 294.375mm. The gap H at the mouthpiece side is: H = D / 1000 = 0.9mm, the clearance value H at any concentration L: can be calculated by the formula L / H = L, IH. This empirical formula is very important, it is the gap between the hollow shaft and bushings is reasonable measurement basis. In the measurement should be noted: the depth of the lOmm measurement at the maximum side of the gap H; in the gap H, 0.5mm to measure a little, and the arc gap depth measurement of the whole point of not less than 5 points in the axial measurement point Not less than 8; in order to prevent the lubricating oil from running out of the tile side when the Vertical Grinding Mill is running, the clearance between the two sides of the tile mouth at both sides of the straight arc Omm means arc length) must be less than the specified clearance value.
  • 7, in order to make the empty shaft and tile contact surface at the storage of a certain lubricant, the contact surface should be point contact, so 1cm2 can have 1-2 contacts. However, too few contact points, bearing contact strength can not be guaranteed.
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  • 8, 0.22mx6.5m ball Grinding Mill main bearing bushings for self-aligning spherical roof tile, in order to make spherical and tile bearing force evenly, the spherical tile back and tile concave concave spherical scraping, and in the concave seat spherical seat Wipe the red powder, the use of tile back and concave spherical grinding method to observe the contact point in the concave spherical distribution until uniform.
  • 9, the newly installed Vertical Grinding Mill just started the moment, the bearing tile surface has not yet formed oil film, so before the test, to the Vertical Grinding Mill at both ends of the bearing surface padding top oil, to prevent the bearing surface is strained. After the test is completed, timely replacement of clean lubricants, bushings and hollow shaft journal running together will produce some small Babbitt particles, mixed with lubricants can lead to abrasive wear, it is necessary to remove it by oil change.